Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Alarmcoin?
A: Currently Alarmcoin is a web app that lets you track many cryptocurrency markets and get "flash"/Email/SMS notifications about price movements. The ultimate goal is to create Universal Cryptocurrency Platform (UCP) that will enable trading at any cryptocurreny exchange and getting live market data in a unified format for any market in one place. And, of course, the goal includes letting everyone to get all kinds of notifications!

Q: Flash and Email/SMS notifications - what's the difference?
A: Flash notifications are the ones that appear on the Watchlist page in the panel (in the "Latest Alerts"). These notifications can only be triggered when you have an active browser session (an opened tab). Basically, this feature is for altcoin traders who need to track lots of cryptocurrency markets.

If you want to get notified when Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum or any other known asset price reaches a desired value then you need Email/SMS notifications that can be set up on the Notifications page in the panel.

Q: Why can't I create an SMS notification trigger?
A: SMS notifications are not implemented yet.

Q: What is P&D, how does it work, and how to profit from it?
A: What is pump and dump (P&D)?
Pump and dump (P&D) is a trading strategy to get profit by buying lots of shares/coins at bottom, inflating price ("pumping") and selling-off at top ("dumping"). Usually it's run by whales/P&D groups who are experienced traders with massive amounts of money.

How does P&D work?
Pump and dump schemes usually have two or three parts. The first is an optional part called accumulating. The second part is boosting price. And the last one is sell-off.
Player accumulates shares of an asset which means buying in small numbers over a long period of time.
Then buys a lot in a short period of time and promotes the asset/coin to make more traders to get it. This part typically last from several minutes to several hours.
At some point (usually when price reaches weekly/monthly highs) player dumps shares into the market.

How to profit from a P&D
There are two ways to get profit from P&D schemes. You can run your own P&D or get involved in one. Running own altcoin pump and dump requires a lot of resources and experience. It's much easier to get involved in one.
To get involved in an altcoin pump and dump and have profit you will need spot it, buy in the accumulation or boosting phase and sell before the dump happens. You can also get profit in the sell-off phase in case short selling is available for the market.
The P&D tool helps to spot pump and dumps. It scans markets and detects spikes of price/volume that is a reliable sign of P&D.